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Rumour: "Some say the bird isn't actually a pilot."
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RUMOUR: "Speaking of feathers, there's been a sudden increase in the amount of feather pillows available. Weird"
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 'Bird Watcher's' Guide to Human and Cretin Spacecraft

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PostSubject: 'Bird Watcher's' Guide to Human and Cretin Spacecraft   Tue May 29, 2012 10:20 am

<:: || Starfleet Information Database || ::>

Cretin Starship Information Listing

Capital Ship Directory
OVERLORD class Battleship

The Overlord class battleship is the largest vessel currently being produced by the Cretin. It holds ten hardpoints for flak and Anti-Small Craft (ASC) defences, two points for counter-capital class missiles, and three for main forward guns. Unless it goes toe-to-toe with a UEN battlecruiser, the sheer devastating effects from the Overlord’s weapons are likely to win in combat.
STALK class Cruiser

The Stalk class cruiser is a supplementary capital ship used by the Cretin mainly for high-risk convoy escorts, and destroyer work in all out capital fights. With a total of eight ASC hardpoints, and two for either missiles or capital guns, this large craft is capable of stopping a fighter screen, along with devastating its bomber support with ease.
PITCHFORK class Gunboat

The Pitchfork is an obsolete, slow and cumbersome craft, by Cretin standards. While still capable of executing their fast guerrilla warfare style raids, its turning arc has left it open to the UEN’s newest ships more harrowing fusillades.

Small Ships Directory
MANTA class Bomber

The Manta has remain relatively unchanged for a few years, with exceptions to their weapons. The Manta’s served the Cretin relatively successfully in the last while, with no weapon systems developed yet capable of penetrating the thickest tail armour. While it is possible to kill, especially aiming at the belly or nose armour, it’s still a formidable opponent.

STINGRAY class Fighter

Quite manoeuvrable for a long range fighter, the Stingray surprises a lot of the newer pilots by exceeding their expectations. Though while quite agile, and light, this is also its fundamental flaw as a fighter – after its generous shields, there’s little integrity to the hull. Equipping yourself with just EMPs is a good method of using this vessels weakness, as even the thin layers of plasma are enough to breach it.
Human Starship Information Listing

Flag Ship Directory
CORTEX class Command Centre

Essentially a space station with engines, the Cortex has no technical specs currently released or viewable by naval staff outside of the admiralty. A larger replacement to the Belgrano, lost over Jupiter, it incorporates lessons learned from her failings. Capable of supporting thousands of men and women for an indefinite period of time, the Cortex is a one of a kind ship so massive in scale it will likely never be reproduced. It is rumored the Cretin have a comparable vessel, but it has never been spied by human eyes. Size shown in scale to Hero class.

Capital Ship Directory
HERO class Battleship

Bristling with weapons, and with enough armour to take on entire fleets, the Hero class certainly lives up to its name. Commissioned from the shipyards on Earth itself, this ship has proven to be humanity’s most successful for the last eight years.
MALTA class Reconnaissance Cruiser

While still quite heavily armed, recent advances in human sensor technology has lead to the Malta class being produced. With the Ship Of The Line commissioned no more than 18 months ago, this new vessel is considered one of the most up-to-date ship that human technology can build.
BULGE class Destroyer

One of the older vessels in the UEN’s stores, the Bulge class lead the way for many years in human ship design. Of similar construct to the Hero class, it still retains the over-all toughness pioneered by the time period, but lacks the firepower and manoeuvrability of newer ships.
DOVER class Frigate

The predecessor to the Jutland class, the Dover is an aging relic in humanities fleets. Older than even the Bulge, most have regarded this relic to be merely cannon fodder in combat against any other fleet. Armed with just five flak points, and a light capital gun, it’s no longer deemed capable of causing any damage, or having any real worth to it at all.
JUTLAND class Frigate

Fresh off the Mars shipyards, the Jutland class has so far only had its ship of the line commissioned. It represents a new focus in Earth construction, forgoing a heavy armament for heavy armour and a new shielding matrix, the Jutland is ideal for screening and reconnaissance operations. It is armed with six ASC guns along the sides, and two forward facing light capital guns.
CUTTER class Gunboat

Necessity is the mother of invention, and invention the Cutter is. Designed to combat the Cretin’s Stalk class cruiser with swarm tactics, the Cutter class is currently undergoing space trials, before entering full-scale production. Armed with only a single dorsal and belly mounted flak gun for ASC work, this gunboat relies mainly on its heavy frigate weight capital guns and fighter escort to get the job done.
Small Ships Directory

BLADE class Bomber

Many pilots have sworn by the Blade class bomber, and its ability to stand up to tonnes of punishment. The forefather to the newest line of capital ships, the Blade contains a shield generator meant for a gunboat, and armour comparable to one, too. In addition to its heavy frame, supporting a pair of EMP cannons, and anti-matter launchers, it’s left slow and hard to manoeuvre, but a masterpiece of performance when supported by fighters.
ASSASSIN class Fighter

Slicker than an oil spill, and faster than a bullet, this fighter is deadlier than its namesake could ever be. Designed many years ago, the Assassin is still in production and retrofit to this day, having been so perfectly designed. Equipped at present with the most modernized engines, fighter shields, and fire-control available to the human race, the aging Assassin is set to be a mainstay of the human fleet for many years to come, still.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Bird Watcher's' Guide to Human and Cretin Spacecraft   Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:20 pm

Human Ships of the Line:

Under Construction

CORTEX class Command Centre

UEN Cortex

HERO class Battleship

UEN Fallujah
UEN Yamantau
UEN Coimbra
UEN Bavaria
UEN Medusa
UEN Minsk
UEN Odessa
UEN Hyland
UEN Ontario
UEN Philippines
UEN Cyprus
UEN Relentless
UEN Nanjing
UEN Ho Chi Minh
UEN Khe Sanh
UEN Blödmann
UEN Long Tan
UEN South Dakota
UEN Phillip Roberts
UEN Yokohama
UEN Alaska
UEN Saint Petersburg
UEN Trondheim
UEN Kutaisi

MALTA class Reconnaissance Cruiser

UEN Malta
UEN Imereti
UEN Valiant
UEN Dauntless
UEN Sun Tzu
UEN Guan Yu
UEN Vienna
UEN Maputo
UEN Madagascar
UEN Simo Häyhä
UEN Iwo Jima
UEN Umbria
UEN Caesar
UEN Yellowstone
UEN Dexterity
UEN Sonora
UEN Reynosa
UEN Nuuk
UEN Monte Cassino
UEN Tripoli
UEN Dahaneh
UEN Portland
UEN Buenos Aires
UEN Kolkata
UEN James Hardy

UEN Kabul
UEN Wellington
UEN Canberra
UEN Brussels
UEN Kharkov
UEN Yellowknife

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'Bird Watcher's' Guide to Human and Cretin Spacecraft
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