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 Workin' on The Water Tank - Taniel & Mara

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Workin' on The Water Tank - Taniel & Mara Empty
PostSubject: Workin' on The Water Tank - Taniel & Mara   Workin' on The Water Tank - Taniel & Mara I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2012 9:50 pm

Taniel Tankian & Mara River working on the rupture within the water tank. Figured I'd post up the logs because it was quite fun. Took us a full hour.

Quote :
CPO. Taniel Tankian steps over the divider, shimmying a short step to regain her balance and quiet the jingle-jangle of her toolkit.
EMMI: Mara requires assistance repairing the rupture within the water storage tanks.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: 'Sup?
EMMI: The task possesses risks.
PO3. Mara River: That.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: What kind of risks?
PO3. Mara River: Will she need to head in, Emmi?
EMMI: Affirmative.
PO3. Mara River: What risks are in there?>
PO3. Mara River is sitting on the edge with her feet dangling in.
EMMI: She may remain outside if she chooses to, however.
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes a small and thin flashlight from her belt, shining it down below. 'What's the damage and what's teh risks?'
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: EMMI, trying to save as many wires as possible here. Would electrical tape be a good substitue for the frayed but not severed wires?
EMMI: Calculated risks present; drowning, physical injury from falls and-or sharp metallic objects, cycling cisterns and other filtration devices, sea monsters.
PO3. Mara River looks up at her. 'You don't gotta come in if you don't want to, I'll be fine by myself down there. Just remain up here in case I need you."
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Affirmative; note, heat-shrink tubing is more effective by point zero-six percent.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Good to know.
CPO. Taniel Tankian doesn't even register the last part on a humorous scale. 'Uh-huh... and... the damage?'
EMMI: Unknown; I am incapable of a physical examination. A likely assumption is that it is a physical rupture in the side of the tank.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Right..
EMMI: Please be cautious when dealing with torn metal.
PO3. Mara River: I'm gonna head in, then.
CPO. Taniel Tankian kneels down to lower herself to the shaft, shining her light across the edges of the... presumibly tight container.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Mara.
PO3. Mara River places her flashlight in her mouth, after turning it on. She looks up at her, raising an eyebrow.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Your job is Machinery.
PO3. Mara River pulls it out. 'And your job is hull. So. Besides, I branch out.'
EMMI: The water storage devices are classed as machinery due to the inner-filtration components.
CPO. Taniel Tankian lowers herself down on her behind, dangling her legs inside. 'Mmm..'
EMMI: Both of you possess necessary skills to assist in the repairs.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: EMMI, how tight is the space down there?
PO3. Mara River places the flashlight back in her mouth, twisting around and gripping the edge as she climbs down in.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Oxygen levels and whatnot..
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Y- wha- hold on hold on!
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I want more information..
EMMI: Oxygen presence will be sufficient for approximately one hour.
EMMI: The space inside the tank is twelve by twelve cubic meters.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: How much water is in there?
PO3. Mara River grips the side with one hand, pulling out her flashlight. 'Not much, I've already asked.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks over at Mara. 'You'll need a suit on.'
EMMI: Not enough to pose a serious risk of drowning. Please refrain from submerging your head, however.
PO3. Mara River: I've been in smaller spaces.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: You think an EVA suit would be appropriate for a job like this, EMMI?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Uh-huh.. really don't care Mara. I've seen bigger spaces have someone fall prone to claustrophobia and whatnot..
EMMI: That is unlikely, EVA Suits increase oxygen consumption rates.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Mmm..
PO3. Mara River: I'm from a cave. Claustrophobia is something that we -don't- have.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: EMMI, do you know whre I can get some chem-lights?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: And, good-point.
PO3. Mara River flashes a grin.
EMMI: Affirmative; chem-light devices are located in engineering room B, on your right.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Thank-you.
CPO. Taniel Tankian heads on into the room.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Wait, Mara.
PO3. Mara River: Will do.
CPO. Taniel Tankian kneels down, popping open the small trunk below. Taniel fishes out a few green chemical lights before closing it shut.
PO3. Mara River: Coming down?
EMMI: Yes.
EMMI: That is a joke.
CPO. Taniel Tankian cracks the two green lights in her hands, dropping down one in the more-or-less center. 'You're going down.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Twelve-by-twelve cubic is still pretty damn big.
PO3. Mara River turns a bit, looking to see how far it goes down.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Heck, I could get down there.
EMMI: Please be mindful of rust, jagged strips of metal and refrain from feeling with your hands.
CPO. Taniel Tankian corrects herself. 'With you, I mean.'
PO3. Mara River looks back up. 'If you want to, sure I guess. Just remember what you yourself said about claustrophobia.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian kneels down to the hole again. 'Okay, yeah you can take this one, Mara.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian holds out the second chemical light. 'This should last you about an hour as well.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Have you got your welding stick?
PO3. Mara River takes the light, shoving it in her pocket. 'I'll use it once I get to the crawling part.' she says, before nodding in answer to her question. 'Yeah. Don't close the panel on me, okay?'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Yeah yeah, I'll be up here untill you reach the bottom.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Then I'll come down, hold the chem-light while you weld it shut.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: We'll get some description of the rupture first.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: We might need ourselves some replacement metal.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Or it could just be a fissure.
PO3. Mara River places her flashlight back in he rmouth, and continues the descent down. It wouldn't be very far, however, before she will have to crawl a little bit.
PO3. Mara River calls back up. 'Emmi, are you able to see through my PDA?'
EMMI: Affirmative.

They're on top of the storage tanks now, congratulations. - Admin

PO3. Mara River bends down once she reaches the top of the tanks, removing the next cover.
CPO. Taniel Tankian leans back onto her haunches, keeping a weary eye on Mara as she slowly descends. 'Pretty sure there is hand-holds on the interior of the tank.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: For maintenance crew to fix stuff like this.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: It's a bit of a awkward angle so look around a little bit with the chem-light.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Infact, drop the chem-light from before down into the tank.
PO3. Mara River nods her head, the flashlight going up and down to signify it. She then looks inside the tank, before withdrawing the chem light from her pocket, activating it, and dropping it in.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: EMMI, I've uh.. replaced all the severed wires and I've taped up the nicked up ones.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I meant the other-one.. but that's cool.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Acknowledged; thank-you, I feel much better now.
PO3. Mara River shrugs a shoulder.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Just pickup the other one now, you need something on your person as a light-source..
[OOC]Rawr: why was i granted tt
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I honestly feel like you should have worn a respirator mask..
[OOC]David Heinrich: Okay fine
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Can you run a diagnostic or something to check if I got everything?
[OOC]Rawr: i already had it :v
[OOC]Rawr: can I have it back now...?
PO3. Mara River grabs the other light, calling back up. 'If I get hurt I get hurt...' she says solemnly.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Acknowledged; please exit the room, power is returning to those systems. There is a risk of fire.
[OOC]David Heinrich: You made the complaint, give it back to yourself
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Alright.
[OOC]Rawr: I already had it when you gave it to me Sad
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Just do your job..
CPO. Taniel Tankian: You'll be fine.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Systems online; conducting diagnostic.
PO3. Mara River peers down inside the tank again, finding the handholds on the side of the tank. SHe twists around, lowering herself into the tank.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Let me know when you're down in the bottom. Splash of water and whatnot...
[OOC]Rawr: ow
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Diagnostic complete; systems are re-routing, power flow is stable.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Copy that EMMI, are the uh.. water tanks sealed?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: If the water isn't /still/ leaking, then the rupture should be just above the water-line.
CPO. Taniel Tankian holds onto her headset for a moment.
[[Jutland Crew]]CPO. Taniel Tankian: Still workin' on it..
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Negative; Mara and Chief Petty Officer Tankian, Taniel are conducting repairs.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: I'll be up there in a second.
[[Jutland Crew]]CPO. Taniel Tankian: Got someone down in the tank now.
An audible splash of water is indeed heard as she enters into it.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Alright, good.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Uh.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Now, /carefully/ looking around the sides for the rupture - We don't know if it's big or small so be careful for protruding metal.
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks over her shoulder for a moment.
PO3. Mara River calls up, 'Yeah, I think I see it.'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Right. Then get to where you're supposed to be.
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks down into the shaft again. 'Big or small, Mara?'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Watch the step, buddy.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni walks up to the edge and looks in, crossing his arms.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'd rather /one/ person down at a time..
Splashing can be heard from within the hole as she moves around inside, watching to not step on any sharp objects.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Think we need replacement metal, Mara?
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Anything I can do to help or what?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Or just a weld job?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Uhh..can you get me a respirator mask?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Mara is going to need one after getting out of there..
EMMI: Petty Officer Dadoni, Vincent.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni looks up,'EMMI?'
PO3. Mara River calls up, 'Yeah, I'll need a bit of metal...'
EMMI: You are required on Deck Two, Corporal Eames, Gabriel has requested your presence outside of the modified prisoner cell.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Oh, jeez.
CPO. Taniel Tankian sighs lowly. 'How big do you think, Mara?'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Sorry guys, good luck with the tank.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: I'll be back if you still need me,.
CPO. Taniel Tankian waves a hand over at Vincent, her attention down in the shaft.
PO3. Mara River flashes her light on the gash, sizing it up.
PO3. Mara River calls up again. 'Grab me a one foot by two foot piece. I'll weld the whole thing on, just to be sure that the crack doesn't spread and become larger than the patch.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Good call. Wait a tic.
CPO. Taniel Tankian stands up slowly, heading into the left room.
CPO. Taniel Tankian shuffles below the desk, pulling out a sheet of steel similiar to something on the hull's exterior. She sets the metal underneath her arm with a brief wobble as its weight to free her hands to pull out a coil of rope.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Alright.
PO3. Mara River coughs a bit, putting her hand up to her mouth to cover it. 'Man, this air is stale.' she says.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni walks up to them, two respirators in his hand.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: I got one for the scuba diver and another one just incase.
CPO. Taniel Tankian sets the piece of metal across her lap, coiling the rope through the drill holes to a short knot. 'Alright, I'm lowering it down now.' She hauls the one-by-two foot piece of steel down into the shaft.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Mara, you want a mask as well?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I can attached it to the metal.
PO3. Mara River watches for the metal, before calling up. 'I'll just wait till I get up there. I don't want to waste much more oxygen cause I'm going to be welding, so. Send that down.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks up at Vincent, the look of concentration on her face straining for a few moments under the weight of the steel. 'Sending it down anyway. Dadoni just hook the mask on the rope, it'll lower down with the metal.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: You'll be welding, so you'll use up that oxygen!
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I need your muscles, Dadoni. Help me lower this down.
PO3. Mara River: Just send it down then.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni attaches the mask to the rope,'You want some welding shades too?'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni wraps his hands around the rope.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: She's got them herself.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Gotcha.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: We're lowering it down now!
PO3. Mara River responds anyway. 'I got some already. Okay!'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni digs his feet into the steel corridor.
CPO. Taniel Tankian slowly feeds the rope through her hands bit-by-bit. 'Let me know when it hits the water, Mara!'
CPO. Taniel Tankian with the help of Dadoni slowly lowers the piece of steel down into the water tank, bit-by-bit taking it as slow as she can with a brief strain. She seems to laugh it off as she catches sight of Dadoni's face.
Soon after, Mara calls up. 'It's good!' She says, as splashing is heard while she walks over to it. She hugs it tightly, walking back to the rupture.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni eases the rope down slowly, taking most of the weight for the chief.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Alright, undo the tie and put on the mask.
PO3. Mara River TOTALLY UNTIED IT FIRST by the way. Once she reaches the wall, she presses the metal against the wall with her body, pulling on the respirator. She then hefts the metal up to the rupture, frowning.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni sets his hands on his hips and bends down, looking into the hole.
CPO. Taniel Tankian tugs on the rope for a few moments, hauling it up and up to coil around her shoulder. 'Alright, you're going to need me down there now, Mara.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: You think the welding might dirty up the water?
PO3. Mara River: Right, well, the water level is a bit high for the slab. Going to have to lower it a bit.
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks up at Vincent. 'It's recycled piss-n-shit anyway.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'm coming down now, Mara.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Eugh, thanks, that'll be on my mind the next time I have a glass.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Mara River: Emmi, is it possible to lower the water level in this tank a little bit?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'll hold the light and metal while you weld.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni takes hold of the rope again.
PO3. Mara River: Hold on, we may have to get out anyway while the water drains some.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Negative.
PO3. Mara River: Or not.
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes the coil of rope off her shoulder, tossing it over beside Vincent. 'Don't worry, we'll compensate.'
PO3. Mara River: Alright then, come down.
CPO. Taniel Tankian holds out her hand for the respirator mask from Dadoni. 'Mask.'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni hands her the extra mask.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: You got it, chief
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes ahold of the mask, coiling her short hair out of the way so as to avoid crumpling it's form before slipping the small mask on.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Mmm... need another chemical light.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Dadoni, in the right-room is a trunk under the table.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Bunch o' chemical lights.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: Gotcha, chief.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Two greens, please.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni pulls the trunk out swiftly from the table, cracking it open. He takes two green, translucent sticks.
CPO. Taniel Tankian rolls her shoulders for a few moments, letting out a loud exhale before pressing her feet up against the opposite side of the hole, position herself to go down the shaft.
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes ahold of the chemical lights, cracking them both in her hand and soon after holding one between her teeth and the other on her waist-belt. 'Thanks.' She mumbles through the light.
CPO. Taniel Tankian slowly makes her way down the connecting shaft, dropping down on the entrance to the water-tank. 'Which side was the ladder on, Mara?'
PO3. Mara River: The left.
PO3. Mara River: Be careful, it's a bit slippery.
CPO. Taniel Tankian opens her mouth, dropping down the green chemical light to bathe the tank in a soft glow so as to light her way. She quickly takes the spare chemical light off her belt to put into her mouth.
CPO. Taniel Tankian kneels herself down, tracing her hands along the opening to find the first handhold.
CPO. Taniel Tankian hangs herself off the edge for a few moments, monkey-baring the first few handhollds before the curve inwards and directly down to the botom of the tank. 'Alright, cool..'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: We okay down there?
CPO. Taniel Tankian clears her throat, a buzz emitting from the mask. 'It stinks like a wet-dog in here..'
CPO. Taniel Tankian makes her way down, dropping into the water just a few inches above with a quiet splash. 'I'm at the bottom!'
PO3. Mara River nods her head, 'Yeah, it does. Anyway, lets get this going. I think it's been about a half an hour or something.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes the chemical light from her mouth, holding it out infront of her to make her way to Mara's light. 'Yeah, no kidding..'
The water is up to her thigh.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Alright, pass me the metal.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni leans up against the wall, yawning.
PO3. Mara River hefts the metal outward to Taniel, 'Here.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian 's eyes fidget for a few moments.. 'We're going to smell like shit after this, you know?'
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes ahold of the metal with a similar grunt, pressing it against the side of the tank with a loud thunk.
CPO. Taniel Tankian pushes the metal up against with her shoulder. 'You're right the water down overlap a bit.. but that's okay.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Your welding torch should be fine for that.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Underwater isn't a problem.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: What do you think the Navy uses for rips in the hull?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Same as space, only wet.
PO3. Mara River shrugs a shoulder, pulling the welders goggles down over her eyes as she withdraws the torch. She flicks it on, nodding her head. 'Close your eyes or look away, or something.' she says.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Oh, right yeah. I've got my goggles don't worry.
CPO. Taniel Tankian digs into her waist for a few moments, keeping the pressure on the metal.
CPO. Taniel Tankian slides on her goggles over her respirator mask, the lacky getting caught up in her short hair. 'Okay, go.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian presses up against the metal, keeping her hands firmly up against the metal but very far away from the initial welding point.
PO3. Mara River presses the tip of the tool to the metal, and begins the process of welding it to the tank. It emits a lot of flashes and sparks, the light being seen flashing through the hole should someone look in.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni cracks each of his knuckles individually, snorting.
CPO. Taniel Tankian shuts her eyes slightly as the sparks go flying. She shifts her hands a little further away from the seering heat.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Do the corners first!
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Then I won't have to hold this.
[FROM:PO3. Mara River]Inb4 Vincent decides to close us in
[TO:PO3. Mara River]Thinking the same thing lol
PO3. Mara River nods her head in silence, shifting to the corners.
EMMI: Mara.
PO3. Mara River stops welding, 'Yes, Emmi?'
EMMI: I have fallen and I am incapable of getting up.
EMMI: That is a joke.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni glances up at the ceiling.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Keep welding, Mara.
PO3. Mara River smiles, 'That's a good one Emmi, but I'm busy at the moment.' she says, immediately returning to welding the second corner on the top.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni glances at his nails,'Really wish the robot would stop telling 'jokes'.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks up at the top of the shaft. 'What did you say, Dadoni!?'
PO3. Mara River thankfully doesn't hear Vincent call Emmi a 'robot'
Or rather thankfully for Vincent.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni speaks up,' 'Said that the robot ain't funny.'
EMMI: I am not a robot.
PO3. Mara River looks over at her, 'You're good to let go.' she says.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Then you should tell the fellas' to stop telling her shitty jokes!
EMMI: I am an Artificial Intelligence unit.
CPO. Taniel Tankian lets go of the metal, leaning back to to roll her shoulders. 'Good.'
PO3. Mara River nods her head, and begins to weld the rest of the plate.
CPO. Taniel Tankian lets out an exhausted sigh. 'Christ that was heavy..'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: I don't know where she's getting her jokes, don't know anyone with a sense of humor so stale.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'm so used to metal like this weighing shit all in space..
PO3. Mara River speaks while simultaenously welding. 'Yeah, it's pretty heavy.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian holds up her PAD towards the welding scene, taking a few pictures with a faint flash.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: EMMI!, got some pic's for you!
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Can you upload these for my PAD to the engineering records, please?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Almost done, Mara.
PO3. Mara River finishes up the last side, stepping back. 'Wrong, done.'
[[Jutland Crew]]CPO. Taniel Tankian: EMMI, I've uploaded the finished pictures of the welded rupture in the water-tank. Can you move them over to the engineering records please?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Nice.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Acknowledged; data transfer complete.
CPO. Taniel Tankian holds up her hand for a high-five. 'You did good, I told you were good at your job.'
PO3. Mara River smiles, returning the high five. 'Suuure.' she says happily, motioning to the hand holds. 'Lets get out of here.'
The sheer epicosity of the high-five echoes out of the water-tank shaft, making Dadoni jelous.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni glances down the hole,'We all good down there, ladies?'
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Alright, hold on we need to get the chemical lights out first.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'd rather not have the water taste any shittier
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Question is...
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Do you want to dunk or.. do you want me to go?
CPO. Taniel Tankian: We're not getting those lights without diving down.
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks up at the opening in the shaft.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: We're good! Coming up now.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Just getting the chem-lights!
PO3. Mara River: I'll get them.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Your choice.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: I'll make my way up now.
PO3. Mara River holds her breath, plunging underwater. her hair billows up as it does whenever anyone with long hair goes underwater, as she grabs the chem lights.
CPO. Taniel Tankian takes off her goggles, hooking them onto her waist-belt.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Have a nice dip in recycled shit-and-piss?
CPO. Taniel Tankian laughs loudly, the laugh itself clearly over-exaggerated for the benefit of the joke. She takes ahold of the ladder's hand-holds first, making her way up to the vertical point.
PO3. Mara River: You wait.
PO3. Mara River climbs up right after her, the chem lights in her pocket.
CPO. Taniel Tankian twists herself around, monkey-barring her way to the very edge of the opening hole before swinging back and forth to throw her legs up to hook onto the outside.
CPO. Taniel Tankian shimmies her body up to a tight ball, slipping her arms out to the exit. Crab-walking her way out of the wall for a few short embarssing moments.
CPO. Taniel Tankian: 'Kay, you're good to go.
PO3. Mara River follows suit, but doesn't do that. She just climbs over, hanging, reaching up and gripping the edge with her still wet hands. She grunts, going to pull herself up.
CPO. Taniel Tankian makes her way up the connecting shaft's ladder. 'You do it the hard way, Mara.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian stands herself up, stinking like a wet-dog who's just been parading about in feces. 'Done, and done.'
PO3. Vincent Dadoni mutters,'Glad I didn't volunteer to go down there.'
CPO. Taniel Tankian without even a moments notice, begins to shake herself about like a wet-dog. She bends down to shake her hair out and take off her respirator. 'Oh, no?'
PO3. Mara River: I do it the way i learned...
CPO. Taniel Tankian: Maybe next time, then.
PO3. Mara River climbs up the rest of the way, to the top of the hole. She climbs out, looking to Taniel while still dripping wet.
PO3. Mara River: Cmere.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: If there is, chief, I'm your man.
PO3. Mara River steps over and goes to hug her to get her all wet with the gross water.
CPO. Taniel Tankian looks over at Mara, barely catching the sudden hug. She immedietly recoils back with a whine. 'Fuck no! I'm soaked to the bone in piss-n-shit already.'
PO3. Mara River grins, stepping back. She begins to replace the panel to the hole.
PO3. Vincent Dadoni: I'm gonna bounce.
CPO. Taniel Tankian clears her throat, looking up over at Vincent again. 'You can radio to EMMI that we're done, Vincent.'
O3. Vincent Dadoni hops over the barriers,'Gotcha, chief.'
PO3. Mara River: Well...
PO3. Vincent Dadoni reaches up to his comms and jams his thumb into the bulkhead button.
[[Jutland Crew]]PO3. Vincent Dadoni: EMMI, we're all done here.
PO3. Mara River walks over to the barriers, collapsing them and returning them to the room.
CPO. Taniel Tankian replies to Mara with a subtle sheen of irritation. 'No talky, I need a shower..'
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Acknowledged.

Pretty sure I cleaned it all up to scratch.
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T'was indeed really fun.
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Glad you enjoyed it, it was indeed interesting to watch. xD
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Workin' on The Water Tank - Taniel & Mara
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