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Rumour: "Some say the bird isn't actually a pilot."
Episode 4 is Today
RUMOUR: "Speaking of feathers, there's been a sudden increase in the amount of feather pillows available. Weird"
Rumour: I hear Cortez has the penguin's sidearm stashed away somewhere.


 EPISODE TWO - Epilogue

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EPISODE TWO - Epilogue  Empty
PostSubject: EPISODE TWO - Epilogue    EPISODE TWO - Epilogue  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 4:11 pm

"This is insanity, Krang!"
"You have killed many!"
"An affront to the Gods, you have made."
"The humans will lay war once more against us, all due to your bloo-..."


Krang sat upon his obsidian throne, staring out into the blackness of space upon his new flagship. The voices of his enemies were hushed as he commanded his ship to turn down their petty complaints; he turning to face the cosmos about him and beyond. The cosmos belonging to the gods.

The Spear of Naton was huge. Even eight Overlords were unable to match her majestic black length, she speeding through space towards Bastion. He and his mighty fleet, assembled against the heretical council, were nearly home. And once home, as he had done many years before, he would control and prepare his people to properly spread the words of the gods and to ensure that the abominable evil of man was removed.

With the loss of its technology, man would now be pitted against the greatest fleet ever to grace the stars. And man would fall.


The Captain sat on her stool, a marine guard stood outside her door. Her ship smelt of sweat and felt engulfed by weariness. She felt tired and her hands were coated with scratches and bruises. Pale, tired, bandaged, and puffy eyed, she sipped her only consolation; a paper cup filled with clean water.

She gazed out into the void of space, and felt it stare back.

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EPISODE TWO - Epilogue
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