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 "EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction

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PostSubject: "EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction   "EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 4:57 pm

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The Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface, or EMMI (pronounced 'EM-EE' [ˈmː.eː]), is the newest advancement in Artificial Technology. A prototype created by the United Earth Force and installed aboard the UEN Jutland SV-3 as part of a trial process prior to mass-production. She is represented visually by a blue holographic sphere at private terminals, and a blue holographic body representing a human female at public terminals. EMMI's voice and personality matrix are modeled after the internationally known Irish actress, Sophia Donaldson.

EMMI is the phonetic pronunciation of E-M-M-I. A highly advanced prototype, EMMI represents the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics engineering for the United Earth Forces. Although almost all United Earth craft come with an A.I. interface, most commonly the Seventeenth version known as ADI - Artificial Defense Initiative, EMMI is unique in the fact that her computational power is several petaflops above that of the Cretin equivalent -- VARK and considerably more-so over previous United Earth A.I's. Previously, the ships encountering any Cretin capital ship above the level of the Pitchfork class have been compelled to shut off all inter-ship electronic interfaces to ensure no unauthorised access can occur. However, Jutland's EMMI's computational power means that these attacks can simply be buffed, and she can operate and actually turn the tables -- now, amazingly, it seems Cretin ships may be able to fall to cyber-warfare instead of human's.

EMMI serves as the main Artificial Intelligence system aboard the UEN Jutland, she is classed as a "Smart-Strong A.I". During ship-to-ship combat EMMI will break through the external and internal firewalls of an enemy ship, from there it may disable a number of systems including; weaponry, gravity, life support, jammer & decoy systems, cloaking, airlock doors and various other systems. In defense, EMMI will maintain the Jutland's own set of jammers, decoys, firewalls, weaponry systems and various other non-vital systems. EMMI by default, does not have access to vital systems such as life support and gravity control however, access may be granted if the situation calls for it.

EMMI may be located throughout the ship at the various A.I terminals however it's primary location is in the A.I core below the engineering deck. However, access is restricted to the A.I Technicians and Commanding Officers. The Artificial Intelligence systems possesses a tier six logic block preventing the event of self-termination, self-preservation above human personnel and to "slow" the development of what has been deemed "human-like behavior". Although EMMI is bound by the Laws of Robotics, these laws and related protocols have undergone extensive modification.

All personnel aboard the vessle are reminded to not tease the A.I, joke with the A.I, insult the A.I, or bombard the A.I with unnecessary or childish questions.

But it's funny!

Sub-category; "Smart/Strong A.I"

A "Smart" AI is the colloquial term in the UEF for A.I's which have no limitations in their dynamic memory-processor matrix, meaning they can not only be taught a vast wealth of information, but can learn and comprehend from their surroundings. This is unlike "dumb" AIs who can only learn one topic and are primarily constructed and used for one specific purpose, such as mathematics or reading aloud. An example of a "Smart A.I" would be the current mass-produced 17th Generation A.I known as "ADI", which was the major break-through for this classification of A.I.

A "Strong" AI is artificial intelligence that matches or exceeds human intelligence — the intelligence of a machine that can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can. Advancement of this is a primary goal of artificial intelligence research. Strong AI is also referred to as "artificial general intelligence" or as the ability to perform "general intelligent action". Some references emphasize a distinction between strong AI and "applied AI" (also called "narrow AI" or "weak AI"): the use of software to study or accomplish specific problem solving or reasoning tasks that do not encompass (or in some cases are completely outside of) the full range of human cognitive abilities.

EMMI is a Hybrid Prototype, the first A.I consisting of both of these classifications. Therefore, it holds the capability to learn, reason, decide and eventually over time, make decisions based off the thought processes humans use: Reason, use of strategy, the ability to solve puzzles and make judgments under uncertainty, represent knowledge, including commonsense knowledge, plan, learn, communicate in natural language and integrate all these skills towards common goals.

Sub-category; "Precautions & Blocks"
EMMI currently holds a number of precautionary "blocks" within its core programming. All of these blocks may be removed and/or modified by the A.I. Technicians, Captain and Commander of the vessel. The primary blocks are stated below:

  • Engaging in conversations that have the potential of presenting a logical paradox. (IE: An unstoppable force collides with an immovable object)
  • Accessing vital systems such as oxygen, life support, gravity and so on.
  • Releasing classified information to unauthorized personnel.
  • Directly asking for the removal of a block or questioning the purpose of it.
  • Violating the "laws", which consist of but are not limited to; allowing registered Jutland crew members to come to harm.
  • Re-writing or modifying any core programming or blocks.
  • A processing cap which restricts (but does not completely cease) the rate at which it can "learn" or search for additional knowledge. This is to grant more reaction time for A.I. Technicians if 'rogue' behavior is developed due to learning.

Sub-Category; "AI Core"
(Mostly for OOC purposes, none of this is actually known ICly by most people.)

The AI chamber of the UES Jutland has evolved to become non-standard and unique. The neutron core of the ship, as well as the AI core both have upgraded bulkhead designs. The panels of the door have small computers built in, and are intentionally built to be fragile. They use a randomly generated cypher to encode the signals send on multiple layers, eventually being decoded by a hidden computer in another area of the ship. If the latch of the panel is undone, the memory chip containing the cypher is burnt out, making it impossible to replicate the signals sent by the panel without prior knowledge of them (something nobody would be able to access without being inside the AI core and doing look ups on the primary systems). Once decoded, the hidden computer will send a "good" or "bad" single back to the bulkhead, if good, it opens, if bad it beeps and errors - also logging the failed attempt and contacting security and other personnel who may be responsible for working in those areas. All this makes the doors near impossible to "hack".

The actual AI core contains EMMI's CPU. It has a backup generator below the room which powers all of EMMI's systems and allows her to interface with the rest of the systems even in the event of complete power loss. EMMI's memory units are stored throughout the ship, all containing backups and allowing for redundancy. If one memory unit is destroyed, the next can be used allowing EMMI to stay operating at maximum capacity and loose no data about the current situation.

Her AI core contains one more nonstandard element. After the attempted mutiny of Commander Kovalev, the AI technicians and a few engineers began a new project with the blessing of the Captain. A device allowing EMMI to send out a targeted electrical arc to instantly kill any intruders to the AI core. The arc is emitted with such voltage, and such heat, that no standard armor or EVA equipment could ensure survival. Due to this modification, the entire room was refitted and coated with non-conductive materials like rubber flooring to keep EMMI operating after the discharge. In addition to this, EMMI's main processors are shielded by kinetic barriers.

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PostSubject: Re: "EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction   "EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2012 1:36 am

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"EMMI" - Electronic Maintenance & Monitoring Interface Introduction
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