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 Unique Characters

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Captain Elizabeth Lewandowski, played by CosmicCommander (Backup: TBA)

Description: Lewandowski is loathed by the brass, but usually loved by those under her command. Common, intelligent, and witty, Elizabeth was placed in Command of the Jutland before it even rolled off the line by a command eager to appease her and keep her away from them. Hencefar, she's overseen the Jutland's fantastic roll as an auxiliary and strategic ship. Having worked her way up from the bottom after a discharge from the marines, Lewandowski is a smooth and efficient operator; this probably being one reason for the Jutland's sudden ominous assignment.

Commander Attaisze Tarh, played by Soyuz (Backup: TBA)

Description: Tarh was seen as a sensible choice of XO for the Jutland, a competent and reliable officer who would provide some small amount of oversight for Lewandowski throughout her operations. He was assigned to the post by high command, much to the resentment of the crew; but he has since proven himself to be a far cry from the heavy-handed bureaucrat most were expecting. Having served as the XO on a set of vessels prior to his assignment to the Jutland, Tarh has settled into his position and established a good working relationship with the CO.

Dr. Augustus Rook, played by Fuxx (Backup: TBA)

Description: Dr. Augustus Rook, or "Fourty-Two" as he prefers to refer to himself, did not come to the world in a normal way like most, but was rather conceived in vitro along with his brothers... all 57 of them. He was labelled as "Clone Number 42", the same number which was told to be the answer of life, the universe and everything in the comedy movie "Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy"; what was left of the movie after nearly two centuries of neglect and corruption were millions upon million of references in the "first era Internet", causing him to strongly believe, almost religiously, that there is something truly unique about that number. The fact his clone number was 42 is what drove him to dig deeper and eventually become who he is today, a compulsive scientist with a bizarre obsession for the number 42. He became recognised as a possessor of a very advanced mind, one he should not have. It is unclear whether or not the in vitro conception had anything to do with this, as there were nothing in the regulations about manipulating how the mind would grow up. He is 22.

??? played by: Dark_Knight, Backup:

Emmi played by: Church (Backup: N/A)
Description: EMMI is the phonetic pronounciation of E-M-M-I, which stands for Electronic Monitoring & Maintanence Interface. A highly advanced prototype, EMMI represents the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics engineering for the United Earth Forces. EMMI is the main Artificial Intelligence or "Smart A.I" system aboard the UEN Jutland. During ship-to-ship combat EMMI will break through the external and internal firewalls of an enemy ship, from there it may disable a number of systems including; weaponry, gravity, life support, jammer & decoy systems, cloaking, airlock doors and various other systems. In defense, EMMI will maintain the Jutland's own set of jammers, decoys, firewalls, weaponry systems and various other non-vital systems. EMMI by default, does not have access to vital systems such as life support and gravity control however, access may be granted if the situation calls for it.

EMMI may be located throughout the ship at the various A.I terminals however it's primary location is in the A.I core below the engineering deck. Access however, is restricted to the A.I Technicians and Commanding Officers. The Artificial Intelligence systems possesses a tier six logic block preventing the event of self-termination, self-preservation above human personnel and to "slow" the developement of what has been deemed "human-like behavior".
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Unique Characters
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