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 <::| - UEMC Dossier: Cpl Xera Jennings

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<::| - UEMC Dossier: Cpl Xera Jennings Empty
PostSubject: <::| - UEMC Dossier: Cpl Xera Jennings   <::| - UEMC Dossier: Cpl Xera Jennings I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 10:15 pm

<:: Proper Rank/Rating Authorization Required. Please Input Credentials.
<:: Credentials Granted. Welcome user. Displaying Dossier Subject 1291875 - Jennings_Xera

United Earth Marine Corps Personnel Listing

Basic Information

Name: Jennings, Xera L.
Rank: Corporal
Service Number: 43-1291875
Unit: 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
MOS: 0311 (Rifleman)
Date of Birth: July 5th, 2164
Place of Birth: Earth; Los Angeles, California, United States

Physical/Medical Information

Gender: Female
Height: 5‘6“ (167.64cm)
Weight: 122lbs (55.3kg)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Auburn (Natural)
Currently Passing Physical Fitness Standards? Yes
Physical Handicaps: None
Eyesight: 20/20 (Through usage of contact lenses)
Blood Type: B-
Notable Medical Conditions: Mild PTSD - Functional. NOTE: Is prone to mild outbursts of rage, advised psychological evaluation.
Update 5/22/2187: After evaluation, it has been determined that the outbursts of rage are nothing more than a direct cause of the PTSD. Subject is cleared to be transferred to the Jutland
Prescription Medication: Light Anxiety Medication (Listed in medical files)

Service History

Enlistment Date: January 15, 2180
Non-Combat Tours: Three
Combat Tours: Three (Duskstar 2181-2183)
Citations: Purple Heart (Awarded February 12, 2183), Silver Star (Awarded February 12th, 2183), Distinguished Ribbon of Valor (Awarded October 19th, 2183)
Demerits: Minor Fraternization Violation (March 22, 2182);
Insubordination NJP (January 30, 2186);
Minor Fraternization Violation (June 15th, 2186);
Minor Fraternization Violation (September 27th, 2186) - Removal from Active Combat Status, petitions set for immediate transfer to Research Vessel: Jutland
Transfers: 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines to 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines (May 25, 2187)[b]
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<::| - UEMC Dossier: Cpl Xera Jennings
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