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 <:: Dossier [VALE, Amelia]

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PostSubject: <:: Dossier [VALE, Amelia]   <:: Dossier [VALE, Amelia] I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 11:04 pm

Name: Amelia Vale
Rank: PO2
Service Number: 20-121991

Date of Birth: 20.7.2164 (23)
Place of Birth: Mare Erythaum, Mars

Weight: 138lbs
Height: 5'6
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hon.) (2183-85)
Nominee: Janette Romano Award for Women in Computing (2185)
PO1: USS Ember (2185-2186)
PO2: USS Schrodinger (2186-2187)

Medical Notes: Passed fitness tests for space deployment. Unsuitable for field deployment.
Blood Type: A-
Psychological Profile: Appropriate for long-service on Jutland. Mild narcissistic complex.

Personal Notes:
Has turned down offered promotion into vacant position on stationary outpost, as it was considered a possible combat deployment.
Her and MCPO. Vance have both agreed that early relationships will not be a problem on-board the vessel, nor will they use their familiarity to circumvent the Chain of Command.


"Her and Vance? Screw-buddies from Basic, got separated because of it."
"Shouldn't b'serving on a ship. Dresses like a lawyer, not like a Petty Officer."
"I swear, I saw her competing in the Miss Mars pageant. Didn't win it, but damn."
"Average at her job, and most of what she does. Just average, and nothing else."
"I heard she's a Buddhist, or something. Doesn't eat meat."
"Career college girl. Got her diploma, works in the labs, and only cares about getting higher in the ranks."

Happy to arrange for character links to those born/raised on the Mars Colony.
Yes, she's skinny.
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<:: Dossier [VALE, Amelia]
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