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Rumour: "Some say the bird isn't actually a pilot."
Episode 4 is Today
RUMOUR: "Speaking of feathers, there's been a sudden increase in the amount of feather pillows available. Weird"
Rumour: I hear Cortez has the penguin's sidearm stashed away somewhere.

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 Jutland Quotes Thread v1

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PostSubject: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:22 am

Quote :
*** Cpt. Juliana Cortez turns back to Artyom, drawing in a breath. 'Well. If we can't be cartin' pieces in real life, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 39, Soap's Return 6 just got released. If you can get your hands on a copy of 'at, they'd be able to work out some frustrations and bloodlust that th'gym just don't help.

Quote :
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Actually, it's not as surprising as one might think. I'm just the best damn electrician this side of the galaxy.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: I like to think so, at least.
EMMI: This side is classed with low population.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: EMMI. Thank you.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: You have ruined my self esteem.
CPO. Samuel Hall: That was another good one.
EMMI: That was not a joke.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: No no, I genuinely thank you. My self esteem was threatening to kill everything.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: You put it down like lassie.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Took it out back and shot it.
EMMI: I do not understand.
Quote :

[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: Chief Petty Officer; Scott, Norman. The men's restroom is located one room over from the women's, please relocate to the appropriate restroom.
[[Jutland Crew]]CPO. Scott J. Norman: I'm not on that floor, EMMI. Good try.
[[Jutland Crew]]EMMI: That was a joke.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:55 am

Quote :
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Sorry man. I gotta do the same. Yesterday cracked a jar of pickles. Log for the incident of lost supplies. Ridiculous.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Pickles are important.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Cause it was taken as a loss of food suplly.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Anyways, hand me up that stuff.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen | Vrapt0r The Fr3aK [LOOC]: supply*
EMMI: I enjoy the taste of pickles.
EMMI: That was a joke.
*** CPO. Scott J. Norman reaches one hand down from the dark hole in the ceiling.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Yeah I'll bet you love cylindrical objects.
*** ENS. Simon G. Soerensen grabs the tools asked by Scott and hands them one at at time to him.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: That was a joke.
EMMI: Acknowledged.

Quote :
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Well. Thanks for the hand with the electricity, before I had myself accidently executed.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Don't you mean electrocuted? Executions are...different...I think.
*** CPO. Scott J. Norman casually removes his headgear and gloves, stuffing them within his toolkit.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: I probably ment to say that. Didn't come to mind tho.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Thanks anyways.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Also thanks to you EMMI.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Yeah, no need for thanks. It's literally in my job description.
EMMI: Affirmative; you're welcome.
*** CPO. Scott J. Norman leans in towards Scott, saying something in as low of a volume as possible.
CPO. Scott J. Norman [WHISPER]: Distract her so she doesn't remind me about the friggin incident reports, would you?
*** ENS. Simon G. Soerensen lifts a eyebrow in question of what is about to be said.
EMMI: Chief Petty Officer; Norman, Scott. Reminder; an incident log will need to be filed.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: SonofaBITCH.
ENS. Simon G. Soerensen: Tough luck man.
*** CPO. Scott J. Norman gathers up his toolkit with a grunt, shaking his head.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: This /has/ to be revenge for all the terrible pickup lines.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:31 am

Quote :
CPO. Scott J. Norman: EMMI, I don't suppose we're allowed to use stasis as vertical beds, are we?
EMMI: That course of action is not advised, you will be unable to release yourself.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Yeah, true- but wait, you could just release me when I wake up, couldn't you?
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Or...when it's time to wake up or whatever.
EMMI: Affirmative; but will I?
EMMI: That was a joke.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Yeah, I know. You shouldn't always immediately announce that something's a joke, it ruins it.
EMMI: Acknowledged.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Like going to a restaurant and ordering some food, but instead of patiently waiting and eating it with manners, you just shove all that shit in your face as messy as possible.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: It's not a pleasant image, let me tell you. My cousin used to eat like that.
EMMI: Inquiry; was that a joke?
CPO. Scott J. Norman: I wish it was.
Stay classy, Scott.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:08 pm

Quote :
*LTCDR. Clara Proulx | Rawr? [LOOC]: oh god dk
CMDCM. Gabriel Löwe | ShadowDragon [LOOC]: fix ur shit
PO3. Mara River | Greene [LOOC]: put it up your ass
PO3. Mara River | Greene [LOOC]: then we can make jokes about the captain putting her boot up your ass

Quote :
CPO. Scott J. Norman: What are my phobias?
EMMI: Your phobias are listed as cross dressing organics, being electricuted, me in specific situations, Master Chief Petty Officer Vance, Aidar, and your biological mother.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Wow, WOW. NO!
CPO. Rhydain Suffoc: An A.I. just made a your mom. I think we as a species are fucked.
EMMI: That was not a joke.

Quote :
EMMI: Master Chief Petty Officer; Vance, Adair does not have any registered phobias on file.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Not even like...spiders or some shit.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Deadly martian snakes the size of an asteroid?
CPO. Rhydain Suffoc: Mars has snakes?
EMMI: Note; I am detecting Master Chief Petty Officer, Vance Aidar approaching. It is a likely assumption that he overheard this encounter.
CMDCM. Gabriel Löwe: Hi, Master Chief.
MCPO. Adair Vance: Command Master Chief Lowe.
EMMI: I believe 'busted' is fitting.
*** CPO. Scott J. Norman casually moves over to a spot near Suffoc.
*** CPO. Rhydain Suffoc scratches his chin, 'Never heard of Martian Snakes.'
MCPO. Adair Vance: ...Martian snakes.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Yeah, I have no idea if those actually exist.
MCPO. Adair Vance: Is that a...double entendre?
CPO. Rhydain Suffoc: I don't think so...
CPO. Scott J. Norman: I don't...ohhh. Ohoho.
CPO. Rhydain Suffoc: God I hope not.
CPO. Scott J. Norman: I guess it is /now/.
MCPO. Adair Vance: No. There is no native life to Mars.
*** CPO. Rhydain Suffoc shrugs, 'Didn't it have like, bacteria?'
CPO. Scott J. Norman: Bacteria snakes!
CPO. Rhydain Suffoc: You know, before the Sun killed it?
MCPO. Adair Vance: For your other question, yes, there is a gigantic Martian snake 'The size of an asteroid' aboard this ship; and if you had seen most of the women in the UEN, you'd have a fear of commitment, too.


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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:45 pm

Goddamnit, I wish I'd saved the conversation me and David had.

Having a conversation with a jilted friend is like fencing, Amelia decided, watching Vance fold his arms.
"I'm sorry. If it's an issue, I can let you stare at a perfectly made, empty bed for a few hours."
Lunge. A hit.

"I suppose you could, if you had the courage to run away. Why would you bother making yourself look so pretty if you did?"
However, Vance was the kind of person to pull a gun when someone drew a sword.

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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:31 am

Quote :
An'Quan'Ra: You can go now, but remember what I said.
An'Quan'Ra: I do have one request.
CMDCM. Gabriel Löwe: Go on.
An'Quan'Ra: Bring a bag, a large bag.
An'Quan'Ra: Or pillows, maybe I can make them more comfortable.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:14 pm

I present to you my entry in the "Best Quote Ever" award list.

Quote :
And so the Jutland's feet gently touch the ice of the planet. And the day is brought to an end. The day has seen some die, human against human. The future for the ship is uncertain; the Captain wounded, it's ONI representative and some of it's crew marooned below. Many of the Command may face a court martial. Damage is widespread, and disillusion is just as prominent. The ship hums as EMMI's circuits respread. More than ever, the position of the ship looks bleak; crew dead, ONI gone, and many likely confused and traumatized at having to shoot their own.

The journey home shall be long. And it looks a bit darker.

ONI Operative 22379: Miss Lewandowski.
CPT. Elizabeth Lewandowski: Yeah?
ONI Operative 22379: What will happen now?
CPT. Elizabeth Lewandowski: This changes nothin'. I've an obligation to get every man an' woman on this ship home.
ONI Operative 22379: Can you?
ONI Operative 22379: After what happened today...
ONI Operative 22379: Can we really get home?..
*** CPT. Elizabeth Lewandowski furrows her brow, blood splattered across it. Her eyes have bags beneath them. She's pale, and her short, boyish hair is ruffled up utterly.
*** 'Yes,' she says, with solidity and conviction.

Easily the most moving dialogue of the day.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutland Quotes Thread v1   

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Jutland Quotes Thread v1
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