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 UEN Jutland Supply Manifest

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PostSubject: UEN Jutland Supply Manifest   UEN Jutland Supply Manifest I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 4:44 pm

Supply Manifest
All Medical and food supplies are calculated in days with the amount of registered personnel onboard. The manifest is updated as the supplies rise and fall in value and is marked with orange. The cargo bay supplies are loaded up in EBoxes V3 Security edition.

Food: Standard UEN military food and beverage supplies [ACCEPTED]. 110 days before RecycleLube is in use. Vitamins and other bacterias good for the body boarded along with prisoner and VIP food and beverages. food and beverages that do not need to be freezed or cooled can be found in storage bay while the freezed and cooled food and beverages can be found in cargo bay.

Standard UEN medical supplies and technology [ACCEPTED]. 60.242 days of constant treatment of all kinds of illness and injuries recorded by UE Healthcare and Chemistry Union. Medical treatment supplies that do not need to be cooled down can be found in the storage bay, while cooled medical treatment supplies can be found in the cargo bay.

Spare parts:
Standard UEN replacement parts manifest [ACCEPTED]. Vital and live threatening spareparts onboard to stop any incident and rebuild the ship enough to let it return for repair. high amount of other non-vital spareparts have been boarded down in the cargo bay.

Standard UEN service and military toolstock manifest [ACCEPTED]. Tools for use of repairs for the ship and installation of military and civil appliances are boarded and can be found in storage and cargo bay.

Weapons, Ammunition and Armor: Standard UEN military weapon, ammunition and armor stock [ACCEPTED]. Loose SMG ammunition, Assault rifle ammunition, pistol ammunition, small explosive ammunition and uniforms can be found in the storage bay. ammunition that have been put in magazines, ship ammunition, big size ammunition, weapons and body armor can be found in the cargo bay. The amount of each can be seen on the manifest down below.

Marine Detatchment Kit Manifest
60x XA-14 Ablative/Directional Suspension Suit
60x UEMC Ballistics Helmet
60x UEMC Hard Seal Mask
60x M-44A2 Ballistic Carbine
5x M-43A4 Ballistic SAW
5x M-77 Ballistic DMR
5x XM-104 Plasma Rifle
3840x M-44A2 Magazines
1080x M43A4 Belts
60x M-19 Ballistic Pistol
960x M-19 Magazines
60x Standard webbing outfit
120x Standard UEMC Urban DPU fatigues
120x Standard UEMC DPU fatigues
180x Pair cotton socks
180x Set cotton underwear
60x Entrenching tool
60x Brass knuckles
60x Flashlight
60x Camelback® water bladder
120x Dogtags
60x Formal uniform
60x Off-duty uniform
60x Footlocker for Personal Items
6000x Standard Issue One Day MRE Field Ration (Types A-K) Assorted

Shipboard Security Manifest
18x UEN Issue Binders
2x Breathalyzers
18x Riot Control Suits
18x Ballistic Vests Class V Rated – Stab Proof
18x UEN Issue Grade 3 Secure Comms
18x UEN Issue Shipboard Security Uniforms
18x CCI Compact Riot Shotgun
18x M-44A4 Compact
18x HKS-38 Sidearm
360x Gel Rounds(x6) for CCI-CRS
360x Tungsten Slugs(x6) for CCI-CRS
360x Tungsten Combat Buck(x6) for CCI-CRS
360x Taser Rounds(x6) for CCI-CRS
360x M44-A4 Compact Magazines
180x HKS-38 Magazines

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UEN Jutland Supply Manifest
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