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 <::Medical Examination Profile;

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PostSubject: <::Medical Examination Profile;   <::Medical Examination Profile; I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2012 3:52 pm

<::Medical Examination Profile; CTl6S
UEN Jutland Medical Profile

Full Name: Ivanova, Sonya Feliksovna

Rank: Petty Officer, 1st Class

Date of Birth: 7/4/2161

Blood Type: AB-

Height: Five feet, Eight inches.

Weight: 154,3 lbs.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Previous Injuries: An industrial accident (19/3/2180) caused severe heat damage to patient's right arm, specifically the tissues there, leaving the bone almost intact, resulting in heavy scarring and general numbness. [Update] -- Patient states that the feeling of pain is present, insetead of numbness; |For more information, see ER Report #22197394, from 19/3/2180, Report #561; (Julia Keller M.D.) from 20/3..->Expand?|

Disabilities: 1) Patient was diagnosed with mild sleep deprivation, (22/3/2181) and insomnia (25/3/2181). Both conditions were not medicated until enlistment to the fleet. |For more information, see Mandatory Examination Report #347793; Mandatory Examination Report #347890; Enlistment Examination Report #82388302;|

2) Patient expressed incidental movement impairment in her arm (2/7/2180), most probable cause is the same incident that damaged her arm's tissues, although the cause is fully unknown as of yet.

Allergies: None diagnosed.

Current Prescriptions: Eszopiclone, two standart pills each evening before sleep; Glasses during activities involving reading and interaction with any kind of screens;

Prosthetic(s): None.

Vision: Patient diagnosed with light miopia (-0.9 on right eye, -0.7 on left eye), recommended reading spectacles;

Other: Patient seems to display mild anxiety around open fire, further treatment might sedate the condition;
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<::Medical Examination Profile;
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